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Recirculating Fume Cabinet

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RFC Series cabinets have been developed to protect laboratory staff and the environment from toxic vapours, gases, fumes and particles. The cabinets are designed and manufactured to fully comply with Australian Standard AS2243.9: Recirculating Fume Cabinets.

The RFC cabinets are suitable for benchtop use and supplied with a stainless-steel work tray. When supplied without the work tray, the cabinet may be installed over a sink or an item of equipment. The RFC cabinet has an inward air velocity that is maintained at > 0.5 m/s ±20% for both benchtop and trolley-mounted installations. RFC cabinets are produced in two (2) sizes, with 900 or 1200 mm nominal work zone width.

Air exhausted from the top of the cabinet is filtered by a two-stage filtration system. A prefilter protects the final filter system from particulates > 5μm. The final activated carbon filter incorporates carbon granules with a selected chemical impregnation to optimise the arrestance of specific vapours. Specific impregnations are available for the handling of a  wide range of contaminants, including formaldehyde and glutaraldehyde, Alkaline odours, Ammonia and amines, Inorganic acids and acidic odours, H2S and mercaptans and HCN.



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