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Proper equipment maintenance is crucial for protecting your research and equipment investments. It is recommended to follow the correct maintenance procedures, schedule regular maintenance, and keep records to ensure your instruments function properly and last longer. 

If you need any product repairs or maintenance, the Thermoline service department is available to assist you. 

Sydney and NSW


Phone: 1800 474 277



Sharp Conditioning Solutions, we are dedicated to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers by delivering efficient, reliable, and cost-effective refrigeration and electrical repair solutions. Sharp Conditioning Solutions regularly service all areas of NSW.

Sharp Conditioning Solutions is Thermoline's only preferred and recommended service company in NSW.

Medical refrigeration devices such as Blood fridges upright, single, multi-door, under bench and Plasma freezers ultra-low, upright and chest are critical to ensuring safety and effectiveness. In the medical field, Devices under test and reference equipment are pivotal in providing accurate results. Sharp maintains both certifications of NATA 17025 & 17020, which refers to the link to perform and comply with all quality requirements of calibrations and inspections by our customers based on the Australian Standard AS 3864.2.

Additionally, their facilities have a certified laboratory to calibrate equipment such as Digital Thermometers and Data Loggers to offer the service to our customers to calibrate and inspect devices under tests such as Ovens, Incubators, and Environmental chambers based on the standard IEC 60068-3-5-11, Ice Machines, Water baths, Cold Plates and Cryostat units based on the standard AU12620, and including Vaccines & Medication fridges, Platelet Shakers and Centrifuges.

To access a list of our service technicians in other states and regions, visit our Knowledge Base and view the contacts page.

Thermoline Spare Parts

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For technical and repair support, please contact the Thermoline service department.