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Can you build specifically to my specifications?

Yes, we can do custom builds for most of our products.

What is the lifespan of Thermoline products?

This can vary depending on the item; however we pride ourselves on our product longevity. Many customers report having a product last 30+ years!

How long does it take from the time I order to the time of delivery?

This varies depending on the product; however, we estimate anywhere from 1 week to 6 weeks for standard spec builds. The expected lead time will be noted on the quote and confirmed on the order confirmation. 

Do Thermoline products need to be serviced?

Yes, we recommend getting regular annual servicing for all Thermoline products. This can be scheduled through our service department. Just give us a call and we can coordinate it for you. 

Can I purchase spare parts from Thermoline?

Yes, we have a spare parts store here.

Do you have an Environmental Management Plan?

Protecting the environment is paramount at Thermoline. Check out our Environmental Management Plan here.

Are your products manufactured in Australia?

Most of our product range is produced from scratch in our factory in Greater Western Sydney, NSW, Australia.

What warranty is provided?

Thermoline offers a 2-year parts and labour warranty on our entire manufactured product range. Some products we source from other suppliers may have longer or shorter warranties, but this will be noted on the brochure.

Do you provide maintenance and repair?

Please contact our service department. We have recommended repair technicians located all around Australia, and we do our best to keep most parts in stock for quick repair turnaround. Please email for more specific information and support.

Can I visit and see the products being made?

Absolutely. We welcome the opportunity to meet and show our customers around the manufacturing facility here in Wetherill Park. If you would like a product to be customised in a certain way or for an entirely special product, our doors are always open, and it helps both ways to have a much more interactive meeting. 

How do I pay for an order?

A: We accept EFT or credit card payments (Visa or MasterCard only). There are no additional fees for credit card payment. Unless otherwise negotiated, payment may be required at the time of order.

What are your delivery charges?

Delivery charges can vary depending on the size of the laboratory equipment and the delivery location.

How is the product packed?

The products are packed in various ways. It can depend on the product type and size, where the product is going, and by what method. Generally speaking, the two travel methods are by general carrier (FedEx/TNT, Northline etc) and sensitive carriers (PFM, TSS, etc). How a product is handled can be very different between the two types of carriers, and we will pack the product to suit. Any carrier can damage a product, but the product tends to need to be a little more carefully packed when travelling on these general carriers. We'll pack smaller items up to 25kgs in cartons. Items over 25kgs really need to be packed in a carton on a skid to allow for forklift or taillift unloading. If a product is on castors and is to be delivered along the East Coast, we'll use a sensitive carrier, and the product may only need to be wrapped in foam and bubble wrap. Products that may travel many thousands of kms (think FN QLD, NT, WA) might need to be packed in a timber crate and might travel on a general carrier. We prefer to say 'Use Your Best Judgement'. It can be very costly and time-consuming to skimp on a crate if the product arrives after 8 weeks and is damaged at the last leg.

Can I use my own carrier or arrange to pick-up? 

If you have a preferred freight company, you are welcome to arrange pickup from our factory in Wetherill Park. You can also provide us with your carrier and account number, and we'll arrange the pick-up on your behalf as soon as the order is ready to go. If you do prefer to pick-up yourself, please ensure you have a suitable vehicle and strapping.