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Dry Block Heaters

The term "dry" means that the samples are heated without a liquid bath, making it a convenient and versatile heating solution for many laboratory applications. The purpose of dry block heaters is to control the temperature so that it’s uniform, stable, and precise during heating and cooling applications.

The Thermoline range of Dry Block Heaters is designed to provide uniform dry heating of various shapes and sizes of tubes. Our one, two and four aluminium block designs offer precise temperature control in small vessels. Heating blocks provide a safe, convenient and productive alternative to heating mantles and hotplates for accurate heating of PCR tubes, PCR strips, microcentrifuge tubes, microplates and cuvettes.

Sometimes also known as a dry bath, the heated aluminium blocks allow for superior temperature stability and provide reliable and repeatable results. A large selection of heating blocks for different tubes and plates make the Thermoline dry block heaters a must-have piece of equipment in any laboratory. These digital block heaters are ideal for melting and boiling point determination, enzyme reactions, incubation and activation of cultures, immunoassays, DNA denaturation, culture media tests, coagulation tests, blood urea-nitrogen determinations and in situ hybridisations. 

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The Thermoline range of Dry Block Heaters are designed to provide uniform dry heating of tubes or vials of various shapes and sizes. 

These come in a one, two or four block configuration featuring a wide temperature range from ambient +5°C to +150°C with an accurate control stability of +/- 0.2°C. Various aluminium blocks are available for many tube sizes and come with a handy lift out tool to assist with removal of hot blocks. 


  • Models Available: Three
  • Sizes: One/Two/Four Block
  • Temperature Range: Ambient +5°C to +150°C
  • Electrical: 412W/230V
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