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At Thermoline, we take pride in catering to diverse industries with our premium range of temperature control solutions. With decades of experience and a commitment to innovation, we provide reliable and efficient equipment to meet the unique needs of each sector.

Here are some of the industries we serve.

scientist looking through a microscope in a laboratory-1

1. Laboratory and Research Facilities

From academic research labs to industrial testing facilities, precise temperature control is essential for accurate experimentation and analysis. Our laboratory-grade equipment ensures stability and consistency, helping scientists and researchers achieve reliable results. Laboratories are hubs for discovery, where scientists and researchers make new discoveries, uncover hidden patterns, and contribute to the collective body of knowledge in their respective fields. This knowledge can have far-reaching implications for science, industry, and society.


drug fridge in a pharmacy-1

2. Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Maintaining precise temperatures is critical in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries for preserving samples, medications, and vaccines. Our range of refrigerators, freezers, and incubators ensures compliance with stringent storage requirements, safeguarding valuable assets and patient safety. Pharmaceutical shelf life testing involves assessing the stability and effectiveness of drugs and medical products over time to determine their expiration date or shelf life, thereby protecting public health and meeting regulatory requirements.


laboratory for testing rocks and geology-1

3. Mining and Resources

Mining and resources research in a laboratory involves scientific investigation and experimentation aimed at understanding, developing, and optimising processes related to the extraction, processing, and utilisation of mineral and natural resources. Our industrial-grade refrigeration and heating solutions help businesses meet regulatory standards while improving resource extraction efficiency and minimising environmental impacts.


laboratory drying oven with close up of soil samples on the shelf

4. Environmental Testing

Environmental testing facilities require precise temperature control to simulate real-world conditions accurately. Our climate and environmental test chambers provide customisable settings for conducting various tests, ensuring reliability and repeatability. Environmental testing laboratories play a crucial role in safeguarding public health, protecting natural resources, and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations and standards.


electronic pcbs inside s temperature controlled cabinet for testing-1-1

5. Engineering and Industrial Manufacturing

Many manufacturing processes rely on precise temperature control for quality assurance and production efficiency, from electronics to plastics. Our industrial ovens (including to AS1681), baths, and environmental chambers help optimise workflows and ensure consistent results in diverse manufacturing settings. An industrial laboratory serves the specific needs of industries by conducting various types of testing, research, and analysis to support manufacturing processes, product development, quality control, and regulatory compliance.


university science teacher demonstrating an equation to three students

6. Universities and Educational Institutions

Educational institutions require reliable equipment for teaching and research purposes. Our laboratory and scientific equipment cater to the needs of universities and schools, supporting academic endeavours across various disciplines, especially physics, chemistry, biology and biotechnology. University laboratories serve as vibrant centres of research, education, and innovation that play a crucial role in advancing knowledge, training future leaders, and addressing societal challenges.


fighter jets testing ammunication in a laboratory

7. Defence, Aviation and Space

Defence, Aviation, and Space research encompass a broad spectrum of scientific and technological endeavours focused on enhancing national security, advancing aerospace capabilities, and exploring outer space. This involves the development of technologies and strategies to enhance military capabilities, improvement of aircraft such as aerodynamics, propulsion systems, avionics, materials and safety systems, and in the case of space, the development of spacecraft, satellites, and other related technologies.


research laboratory testing plant seedlings in a incubator with shelf lights-1

8. Agriculture and Environment

In agriculture and environment research, precise temperature control is crucial in seed germination, plant growth, and crop preservation. Our climate control solutions provide researchers and growers with the tools to maximise yields and quality. Agriculture research serves various purposes, such as soil analysis, plant tissue analysis, water quality testing, crop and seed testing and research and development to address emerging challenges and opportunities in agriculture, such as climate change adaptation, sustainable agriculture practices, precision agriculture technologies, and bioenergy production.


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