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Room Conditioning Units

Cool Rooms have found a variety of applications in diverse industries. We understand that the primary purpose of a lab-grade cool room is the storage and research of vaccines, blood and tissue samples, drugs, bioproducts and seedling or plant growth. Proper temperature and humidity control must be capably maintained without ideal conditions to preserve them and prolong their otherwise perishing utility. 

These Thermoline room conditioning units provide a solution for reliable and accurate temperature and humidity control within the pre-built cool room structure via a 'plug-in' unit. This unit houses all refrigeration, heating, humidification and sensors within a self-contained unit that slides up into the ceiling. The STAR700 touchscreen controller is fitted within an electrical box and mounted to the front of the room for convenient access. 

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The Room Conditioning Units for Environmental Rooms are built by Thermoline and provide temperature only or temperature and humidity conditions. This economical method provides precise temperature/humidity conditions in cool rooms sized from 20 to 30m3.

Supplied as a 'ready assembled' plug system, the unit slides up through a pre-cut hole in the ceiling and is quickly locked into place. Depending on the room size, one or more units can be fitted to a room. 


  • Brand: Thermoline
  • Models Available: Two
  • Temperature Range: +5°C to +50°C
  • Electrical: 15A/230V
  • Humidity Range: 30% to 90% RH
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