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Outdoor Exposure Racks

Q-Rack outdoor exposure racks are the same aluminum racks that are used at Q-Lab Florida and Q-Lab Arizona to perform natural outdoor exposure tests. Now you can buy these professional quality racks to perform exposures at your own site. The durable Q-Rack design has been proven over decades of harsh subtropical and desert exposures.

The racks are versatile, dependable, and affordable, and come in kit form for easy assembly. Q-Rack kits, accessories and non-standard mounting systems are available for different applications and testing requirements. They meet ISO, ASTM, SAE and other international standards for outdoor testing. The Q-Rack frame may be positioned at 0°, 5°, 45° or 90°.

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Now you can do your own natural, outdoor exposures at any location.

Q-Rack outdoor exposure rack kits from Q-Lab Corporation are the same design racks we have used for years at Q-Lab Weathering Research Service in Florida and Arizona. Versatile, reliable and affordable, Q-Racks give you an ideal way to supplement your current testing program with additional data. They meet many ISO, ASTM, SAE and other requirements for outdoor testing. 


  • Brand: Q-Lab
  • Sizes: 3.66m x 1.68m
  • Electrical: N/A
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