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Dry Block Heater TDB-4E

Sometimes known as a dry bath incubator, the Thermoline dry block heater is a microprocessor-controlled unit maintaining one or more aluminium blocks at a user defined set temperature. It's a safe and convenient tool used to heat samples in tubes and vials, which is ideal for obtaining consistent results and precise temperature stability.

The Thermoline dry block heaters are designed for applications that require repeatable results and superior temperature stability. Thermoline offers a diverse range of blocks designed to accommodate various interchangeable tubes and vials, as well as blocks with no holes that can be used as a small heated surface.


Typical Applications:

  • Widely used in sample preparation, enzyme preservation, enzyme-substrate reactions, DNA amplification, electrophoresis gel degeneration and serum coagulation


  • LED display for easy reading
  • 3D digital wheel adjustment of time and temperature
  • Adjustable temperature is up to 150°C
  • High temperature stability is up to ±0.2°C
  • Machined aluminum heating unit allows for highly precise control of temperature
  • Included PT1000 temperature sensor allows temperature control directly in the sample vessel.
  • Adjustable timing range of 1min to 99h59min
  • Fixed safety circuit
  • Error code display
  • Various applications with different blocks
  • Automatic calibration with external PT1000 temperature sensor
Aluminium Blocks
TAB-35-4E single block, Eppendorf tubes, 20 x 1.5mL, Ø11.5mm x 36.9mm
TAB-54-4E single block, Conical tubes, 12 x 15ml, Ø17.1mm x 44.5mm
TAB-55-4E single block, vials, 6 x 50ml Ø29.0 x 47.6mm
TAB-60-4E single block, PCR tube, 30 x 0.5mL, Ø7.9mm x 27.6mm
TAB-61-4E single block, microtube combination, 6/10/5 x 0.5/1.5/2ml
TAB-62-4E single block, Microtubes, 20 x 1.5mL, Ø11.1mm x 39.1mm
TAB-63-4E single block, Eppendorf tubes, 20 x 2.0ml, Ø11.5mm x 38.1mm
TAB-64-4E single block, Corning tubes, 20 x 2.0ml, Ø10.9mm x 38.1mm
TAB-66-4E single block, centifuge tube combination, 4/3/2 x 1.5/15/50ml
TAB-67-4E single block, Round tubes, 30 x 6mm, Ø8.3mm x 48.4mm
TAB-68-4E single block, Round tubes, 24 x 10mm, Ø10.7mm x 48.4mm
TAB-69-4E single block, Round tubes, 16 x 12/13mm, Ø13.9mm x 48.4mm
TAB-70-4E single block, Round tubes, 20 x 12/13mm, Ø13.9mm x 48.4mm
TAB-71-4E single block, Round tubes, 12 x 15/16mm, Ø17.5mm x 48.4mm
TAB-72-4E single block, Round tubes, 8 x 20mm, Ø21mm x 48.4mm
TAB-73-4E single block, Round tubes, 6 x 25mm, Ø26.2mm x 48.4mm
TAB-74-4E single block, Round tubes, 4 x 35mm, Ø35mm x 47.6mm
TAB-75-4E single block, Round tubes, 12 x 17/18mm, Ø19.1mm x 48.4mm
TAB-76-4E single block, vials, 20 x 12mm, Ø12.7mm x 30mm
TAB-77-4E single block, vials, 20 x 15mm, Ø15.8mm x 35mm
TAB-78-4E single block, vials, 12 x 17mm, Ø17.8mm x 45mm
TAB-79-4E single block, vials, 12 x 19mm, Ø19.7mm x 45mm
TAB-80-4E single block, vials, 9 x 21mm, Ø21.7mm x 45mm
TAB-81-4E single block, vials, 8 x 23mm, Ø23.8mm x 45mm
TAB-82-4E single block, vials, 8 x 25mm, Ø25.8mm x 45mm
TAB-83-4E single block, vials, 6 x 28mm, Ø28.8mm x 45mm
TAB-84-4E single block, vials, 15 x 16mm, Ø16.4mm x 45mm
TAB-85-4E single block, 10x8 PCR tube strips, 0.2ml tubes
TAB-86-4E single block, 64 PCR tube strips, 0.2ml tubes
TAB-88-4E single block, 2x6 cuvettes, 12.5mm


Technical Data

  • Models Available
  • Sizes
    One/Two/Four Block
  • Temperature Range
    Ambient +5°C to +150°C
  • Electrical


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