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Shaker Refrigerated Incubator TMLR-200


This Australian made refrigerated incubator has been designed to maintain a temperature controlled environment laboratory equipment with heat output up to 200 watts. The temperature is factory set at 22°C and the cabinet can operate up to a 30°C ambient. Forced air circulation provides uniform air flow and temperature control.

The incubator has a key lockable glass door and password protected controller along with castors for easy movement of the cabinet.

Thanks to our STAR X 10" touchscreen control system, you can easily adjust and program the temperature and humidity settings in the cabinet. The STAR X allows for the operator to synchronise programmed settings to real time and has an ethernet connectivity which, once connected, will allow the operator to perform all functions via a PC. The STAR X logs the performance of the cabinet to onboard memory. This memory can hold up to 365 days of logged data and for ease of use,  we have incorporated a live trend screen to allow the operator to quickly check the performance conditions within the cabinet. Alternatively, the operator can download the logged data to a USB flash drive for archiving or review via a PC. No specific software is required to view logged data. A simple spreadsheet program is sufficient (Microsoft Excel or similar).

Data can be viewed in real time, logged for up to 365 days and downloaded onto an Excel spreadsheet – so you can be sure of your lab’s consistency and efficiency. A battery backup alows for continued logging and alarm systems only in case of power loss.

This refrigerated incubator has a unique auto-test feature which allows for an alarm test or calibration test to be performed quickly and easily. 

NOTE: This product is not a registered medical device.

Technical Data

  • Brand
  • Capacity
  • Temperature Range
    Fixed +22°C
  • Electrical
  • Castors


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