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We’ve changed in more ways than one!

Thermoline 2024 logo animation

The first change you may have noticed is the one we’ve made to our name and logo.

We’ve ditched the “Scientific”! Why?

Our journey over the past 50 years has seen us evolve from a company that exclusively manufactured equipment for the science and laboratory sector, to one that now serves a diverse range of industries across Australia.  

While our strong ties with primary industry, healthcare, government, and education remain, our recent R&D ventures have been transformative. Working alongside the mining, paints and coatings, aviation, and defence industries has been game-changing in the way we operate. 

So, what else can you expect from Thermoline this year?   

  • Faster production times: We’ve got a larger team and more advanced equipment to get your products out the door quicker than ever before.  

  • Cheaper and fast-tracked freight: It’s our same premium product, just delivered to you in less time for less money.   

  • Quicker quotes/purchasing: Online automations to help you find and place your order in less time. 

  • Easier installation: We’ve revised our user manuals and repair guides to ensure your entire experience from start to finish is as streamlined as possible.  

We’ve also refined and upgraded many of our products.

Check out the latest range here:  

General Laboratory Equipment 

Temperature & Humidity 

Plant Growth  

Accelerated Weathering 

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For more information or to get a quote, get in touch with us here or give us a call on (02) 9604 3911