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Q-PANEL Steel and Aluminum Test Substrates

Product Description

Steel & Iron Panels Brochure
Aluminum Panels Brochure

Q-PANEL standard test substrates from Q-Lab are available in a variety of sizes and finishes, fabricated from steel and aluminum.  Contact us for details on our extensive list of standard panels and request a quote, or see a partial list below:

Steel Panels

  • Smooth Finish (Type QD)
  • Matte Finish (Type R)
  • Ground, Polished Finish (Type S)
  • Thin, Flexible Smooth Finish (Type D)
  • Thin, Flexible Smooth Finish with Tinplate (Type DT)
  • Adhesion Panels, Ground Finish (Type RS)
  • Taber® Abraser Panels (Type R-44-T and Type S-44-T)
  • Stainless Steel (Type SS)

Q-PHOS Iron-Phosphated Steel Panels

  • Dull Matte Finish (Type R)
  • Ground, Polished Finish (Type S)

Aluminum Panels

  • Bare (Type A)
  • Chromated Finish (Type AL)
  • Adhesion Panels (Type AD)
  • Automotive Styling Panels (Type SPA and Type SPC)
  • Large Display Panels (Type L-1424)

Special Panels
In addition to our standard panels, we can also make types and sizes not shown on our specification sheets. Special panels may be ordered in a variety of shapes, sizes, alloys and finishes. Contact Q-Lab for more information.

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