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Micro Pipettors

NEXTY Pipettors distributed by Thermoline Scientific are uniquely designed to fit comfortably in your hand. They are economic and provide years of valuable service.

Thermoline is pleased to act as a lead distributor for NEXTY Pipettors – the next generation of pipette which boasts the latest in ergonomic design, comfort, and ease of use.

Made from a tough and durable material, their short design makes them easier to handle while the push button colour codes make them easily recognisable. Unique and modern in their design, they out perform other pipette brands with their innovative design features.

The triple speed turbo dial drastically speeds up efficiency when making large volume changes while push buttons are colour coded by volume. Easily operated by one hand, the unique mushroom shaped button reduces the risk of repetitive strain on the thumb, while a new spring system means it only takes a light touch to operate the NEXTY. 7 models of single channel pipettors cover the entire volume range from 0.2 µl to 5000µl while the 8 channel pipettors are available in 2 models to cover 1 to 10µ and 20 to 200µl. To keep your bench organised, why not invest in the NEXTY pipettor carousel stand which has space for 6.

All pipettors carry a one year guarantee from date of purchase so you can browse and shop from our selection of NEXTY pipettors with confidence.


Thermoline Scientific have been manufacturing high quality laboratory and scientific testing equipment since 1970. Over this time, Thermoline has grown to be a leading brand in the science industry with our equipment being used in small and large Hospitals, Universities and Research Laboratories across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Thermoline also have a range of custom Australian Made products.

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