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Froilabo TRUST -86°C Ultra Low Freezers

Product Description

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Froilabo equipment makes the difference with their new high performance Ultra Low Freezer range.


A large OK display allows you to check the operation of the freezer at a glance.
7 pictograms of alarms under OK allow to identify at a glance an alarm.


The TRUST range has been designed for maximum safety thanks to a robust design:
- The most reliable cold production system on the market: two compressors in cascade,
- Automatic reactivation of the buzzer in the event of a long alarm,
- Degraded mode: in case of breakage of the temperature sensor, the freezer goes into alarm and produces cold continuously,
- BoSS system (optional).

Preventive maintenance

- Modular electronics plug & play,
- Removable cold unit,
- Service Froilabo: a team of technicians specialized in low temperature cold to maintain your freezers,
- 7 icons for quick detection of the fault generating an alarm.

European Made

Built to the highest European standards for maximum user efficiency and reliability.


  • Vacuum Insulation Panels: 30% increase internal capacity, 22% more thermally efficient 
  • 4 hrs. pull temperature down from room temperature to -80°C. 
  • Excellent temperature Stability: +/-1°C at 80°C
  • Excellent temperature homogeneity: +/-3°C at -80°C
  • Quick temperature recovery after door open & close
  • Consumption optimization by Eco mode setting 
  • Ergonomic "intelligent" handle 
  • Sample storage “inventory” software system (optional)
  • Pull-out shelving (optional)
  • Anti-icing gasket 
  • Pressure balance valve 
  • Cable entry port


  • Excellent homogeneity < +/-3°C to -80°C
  • Exceptional stability +/-1°C to -80°C
  • Fast cooling: from 22°C to -81°C in 4h (690L)
  • Fast set temperature recovery after door opening
  • Sustain ambient temperature (environment) up to 35°C


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