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Q-Lab Yearly Preventative Maintenance Plans


Maintaining your Q-Lab Weathering and Corrosion Tester is crucial for ensuring accurate and reliable test results. Regular maintenance not only extends the lifespan of your equipment but also prevents unexpected breakdowns that can cause costly downtime. By keeping your tester in optimal condition, you ensure consistent performance and compliance with testing standards, which is essential for the integrity of your research and quality control processes. Proper upkeep of your Q-Lab tester ultimately saves you time and money, allowing you to focus on innovation and excellence in your work.

As our commitment to you, Thermoline is introducing maintenance plans, specifically designed to keep your Q-Lab Weathering and Corrosion Testers operating at peak performance!

Why Choose Thermoline’s Preventative Maintenance Plans?

  • Cost-Effective: Our pricing is inclusive of parts as per Q-Lab’s recommendations outlined in their technical manual, making it a smart investment in your equipment’s future.
    • QUV/se - $495.00 + GST
    • QUV/Spray - $795.00 + GST
    • Q-SUN - $795.00 + GST
    • Q-FOG - $995.00 + GST

  • Expert Service: Benefit from our team of skilled technicians who have extensive experience with Q-Lab testers.

  • Extended Equipment Life: Regular maintenance prevents breakdowns and extends the lifespan of your equipment.

  • Minimised Downtime: Scheduled maintenance reduces unexpected disruptions, keeping your operations smooth and efficient.

To learn more about our maintenance plans or to book a service call please contact Darren Assey on either or 0427 000 108.

Thank you for choosing Thermoline and Q-Lab.

We look forward to helping you maintain the highest standards of performance and reliability for your Q-Lab equipment.