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Glassware Washers

Accuracy in laboratory experiments and tests is of critical importance to any lab. Availability of lab utensils and glassware free from residual chemicals and microbiological soils is therefore essential. Equipment used for reprocessing of labware must deliver reliable, repeatable results for a wide variety of lab applications, space and workflow settings.

From quality control to general laboratory research, Lancer ULTIMA series glassware washers meet space and budget requirements in laboratories performing a range of critical applications where clean labware is essential. Typical applications include analytical chemistry, quality control, pharmaceutical and
environmental science laboratories, wastewater treatment, food and beverage analysis, public health and consumer product testing facilities.

The exclusive Prolux programmable microprocessor controller commands a full range of prewash, wash, rinse and drying functions through simple touchscreen menus on all ULTIMA series washers. The convenience of four preset programs for light to heavy loads simplifies operation, while more complex programs can be customized whenever needed to meet specific applications.


Thermoline Scientific have been manufacturing high quality laboratory and scientific testing equipment since 1970. Over this time, Thermoline has grown to be a leading brand in the science industry with our equipment being used in small and large Hospitals, Universities and Research Laboratories across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Thermoline also have a range of custom Australian Made products.

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