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Q-Fog Cyclic Corrosion Testers

In a Q-FOG® cyclic corrosion tester, specimens are exposed to a series of different environments in a repetitive cycle that mimics outdoor conditions. Simple cycles, such as Prohesion, may consist of cycling between salt fog and dry conditions.  More sophisticated automotive methods may call for multi-step cycles that incorporate humidity, along with salt spray and dry-off.

Within one Q-FOG chamber, it is possible to cycle through all of the most significant corrosion environments.  Even the most complex test cycles can easily be programmed with-in the easy to use controller.
Q-FOG chambers are available in three types. The base model SSP performs traditional salt spray and Prohesion tests. Model CCT performs salt spray, Prohesion, and most cyclic automotive tests.  Model CRH adds variable relative humidity control and an optional shower function. All Q-FOG chambers are available in two sizes to fulfill a range of testing requirements.


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