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Temperature and Humidity Cabinets: Creating Optimal Environments for Testing and Storage


Temperature and humidity (relative humidity) cabinets, also known as environmental chambers or climate chambers, are essential pieces of equipment in various industries. These cabinets provide a controlled environment to simulate specific temperature and humidity conditions, enabling accurate testing, research, and storage of products and materials. In this blog, the aim will be to delve into the features, applications, and benefits of temperature and humidity cabinets, highlighting their significance in ensuring product quality, reliability, and safety.

These features cover both the Thermoline Humiditherm and Envirotherm range of cabinets.


Understanding Temperature and Humidity Cabinets


Temperature and humidity cabinets are sophisticated devices designed to maintain precise temperature and humidity levels within an enclosed space. They are utilised in research laboratories, manufacturing facilities, and quality control centres across industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, food processing, and materials science.


Key Features of Temperature and Humidity Cabinets


1. Dual-Function Capability: Temperature and humidity cabinets offer the flexibility to control both temperature and relative humidity independently or simultaneously. This allows for a wide range of environmental conditions to be simulated accurately.

2. Accurate Controls: These cabinets are equipped with advanced control systems that allow users to set and maintain specific temperature and humidity levels with high precision.

3. Uniform Air Distribution: To ensure even distribution of temperature and humidity, cabinets are designed with a sophisticated airflow system that prevents temperature gradients within the chamber.

4. Programmable Settings: Many modern cabinets come with programmable features, allowing users to automate and schedule temperature and humidity changes, making testing and storage processes more efficient.

5. Safety Features: Temperature and humidity cabinets are equipped with safety measures such as alarms, auto shut-off, and power backup to prevent damage to sensitive samples and protect the integrity of the equipment.


Applications of Temperature and Humidity Cabinets


1. Product Testing and Quality Control: In industries like electronics, automotive, and aerospace, these cabinets are used to evaluate the performance and reliability of products under various environmental conditions. It helps manufacturers identify potential weaknesses and design flaws before the product reaches the market.

2. Pharmaceutical Research: Temperature and humidity cabinets are crucial in pharmaceutical research and development, enabling stability testing of drugs and vaccines to assess their shelf life and effectiveness.

3. Material Characterisation: Researchers use these cabinets to study the behaviour of materials, such as polymers and composites, under different environmental conditions to understand their properties and applications better.

4. Seed Germination and Plant Growth: In agriculture and horticulture, climate chambers facilitate controlled conditions for seed germination, plant growth, and the study of plant responses to different environmental factors. This sector is usually covered by Thermoline's Climatron range, but we also do a range of Humiditherm cabinets with lighting.

5. Electronic Component Testing: Manufacturers use temperature and humidity cabinets to test electronic components' reliability and performance in challenging conditions, ensuring their suitability for various applications. This requirement is the basis for the Envirotherm range of Thermoline cabinets.


Benefits of Using Temperature and Humidity Cabinets


1. Accurate Simulation: These cabinets offer precise and repeatable control over temperature and humidity, providing reliable results for research, testing, and quality assurance purposes.

2. Cost-Effective Solutions: By identifying potential product issues early in the development process, temperature and humidity cabinets help manufacturers avoid costly recalls and redesigns.

3. Data Logging and Monitoring: Many cabinets feature data logging capabilities within the controller to allow users to record and analyse environmental parameters over time, aiding in comprehensive data analysis.

4. Product Shelf-Life Assessment: In the pharmaceutical and food industries, these cabinets aid in determining the optimal storage conditions, ensuring products remain safe and effective throughout their shelf life. The Thermoline Humiditherm (TRH) range ensures that the requirements of this testing are achieved.

5. Regulatory Compliance: For industries with stringent regulatory requirements, temperature and humidity cabinets help meet quality standards and demonstrate compliance with industry guidelines.




Temperature and humidity cabinets are indispensable tools that play a vital role in diverse industries, enabling accurate testing, research, and storage of products and materials. Their precise control over temperature and humidity, coupled with advanced features and safety mechanisms, ensures the reliability, quality, and safety of products that we use in our daily lives. As technology continues to advance, these cabinets will remain crucial in driving innovation, product development, and quality assurance across various sectors.

Please contact the Thermoline sales team, and they will be happy to help you with any questions.