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New: Veterinary Centrifuge for Blood Separations, Urine Sediments & Microhematocrits - Thermoline Scientific

The Thermoline E8 multipurpose veterinary centrifuge for blood separations, urine sediments, microhematocrits and other routine applications.

This compact multi-purpose centrifuge is used for spinning blood, urine and hematocrits in two minutes or less. This veterinary centrifuge is designed specifically for the clinical testing methods used by today’s veterinarians and breeders.

This model is loaded with features and improvements, such as higher speeds for faster and cleaner separations, quieter operation for peaceful work environments, lower chamber temperatures for cooler test-tube samples, shorter height to fit under any cabinet, and auto-calibrating speed function for precision results. It even has an auto-brake to stop the rotor in less than 30 seconds to save time in the busy labs.

The E8 Variable and E8 Digital will separate blood at 3500 rpm and can be slowed to separate other fluids at lower g-force, such as urine specimens as outlined by C.L.I.A. regulations.

Centrifuge Includes

  • Eight-place rotor
  • Eight 15ml tube sleeves
  • Eight 13x75mm tube sleeve inserts
  • Eight place "CRIT Carrier" inserts for capillary tubes

Centrifuge Dimensions

  • Height: 241mm
  • Length: 279mm
  • Width: 279mm
  • Weight: 4.3kg

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