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Labform Peristaltic Pumps - Where Flow Meets Function - Thermoline Scientific

Labform now offers an affordable peristaltic pump range, suitable for all industries where liquid is required to be transferred quickly and easily. Applications include cell culture media transfer, chromatography, chemical reagent dosing, filtration processes and water treatment testing. 

Labform peristaltic pumps have a contemporary design with ABS engineering plastic housing, streamlined body, industrial grade colour LCD screens and touch keypads. Optional accessories are available on some models including multi channel heads and a foot pedal switch for quick and easy dosing (press to dose).

  • Contemporary Design
  • Large LCD Display Screens
  • Smooth ABS Molded Body
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Four main pump heads plus multi channel pump heads which are interchangeable
  • Large range of tubing materials and sizes available to cover all flow rates

See the link below for details on the models in this range.