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Laboratory Coal Drying Oven


A laboratory coal drying oven is a specialised piece of equipment used to remove moisture from coal samples as preparation for further analysis and testing purposes.

These ovens are designed to provide controlled and consistent drying conditions to ensure accurate and reliable results. Thermoline's range of fan-forced drying ovens has been used for coal sample drying in Australia for many years. Here are the common features of a laboratory coal-drying oven and how the Australian-made drying ovens from Thermoline achieve them.

Temperature control: The oven is equipped with a temperature control system that allows users to set and maintain a specific drying temperature. This is crucial to ensure the drying process is carried out at a consistent and accurate temperature. Thermoline drying ovens are controlled by either an Omron E5CC or a STAR X controller.


Timer: A timer function enables users to set the desired drying time for coal samples. Once the time is up, the oven will automatically turn off to prevent over-drying or damage to the samples. Thermoline offers the MSP option for the Omron E5CC to have a 256-step programmer. The STAR X programmer has programming as standard.


Interior capacity: The oven's interior should be spacious enough to accommodate multiple coal samples simultaneously. Different sizes of ovens are available to suit varying sample volumes. Thermoline drying ovens range in size from 80 litres up to 2500 litres.


Shelves or trays: The oven's interior typically contains multiple shelves or trays to hold the coal samples. These shelves facilitate even airflow and distribution of heat, ensuring uniform drying of all samples. Thermoline can supply open wire shelves or trays for its drying ovens. Trays for the smaller ovens are a special build.


Air circulation: To achieve consistent drying the oven is designed with suitable air circulation mechanisms. This can include internal fans or vents that distribute the heated air evenly throughout the oven. All Thermoline drying ovens are fan forced. They either have one, two or even three fans depending on the model of the oven. Aside from fan-forced circulation, Thermoline drying ovens also have an exhaust and fresh air inlet. Fresh air entering the oven allows for better drying at lower temperatures.


Temperature display: A digital or analogue temperature display allows users to monitor the oven's internal temperature during the drying process. Thermoline exclusively uses digital displays in all ovens that it manufactures.


Safety features: Laboratory ovens are equipped with safety features like over-temperature protection to prevent overheating and potential hazards. All Thermoline drying ovens have over-temperature and over-current protection as standard.


Durable construction: The oven is constructed from suitable materials that can withstand high temperatures and are corrosion-resistant, ensuring long-term durability and reliable performance. Thermoline designs and manufactures its drying ovens in its Sydney factory using a stainless steel sealed liner. 


Easy-to-use controls: The oven should have user-friendly controls for setting temperature, timer, and other parameters, making it simple to operate.  The digital controllers are intuitive and easy to use.   Local support and training is available.


Ventilation: Adequate ventilation may be provided to discharge any fumes or gases generated during the drying process safely. Thermoline's range of drying ovens has an exhaust port (more than one for the largest model). These can be attached to an external exhaust system if available within the laboratory.


Calibration capabilities: Some advanced ovens may have calibration features to ensure the oven operates at the specified temperature accurately. Functions within the Omron E5CC or the STAR X controllers allow for control sensor offset correction, ensuring that the oven will run at the desired temperature.


Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions and guidelines for proper usage and maintenance of the specific laboratory coal drying oven you are using. Don't hesitate to get in touch with the Thermoline sales team for any enquiries about coal drying ovens.