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-35°C Cold Storage Freezers  -35°C to +80°C  0 to 100%RH  0.2ml  0.2ml tubes  0.2~2ul  0.5ml  0.5ml tubes  000 Rpm  1-10µl  1.5 tubes  1.5ml  1.5ml tubes  10 Litres  100 Litres  100 Series  1000 Series  1000ul  100ml Swing Out  100ml Swing Out Rotor  100ml tubes  100ul  100~1000ul  10ml tubes  10ul  10~100ul  12 Place  1200°C Max  120g to 3000g  12500 Rpm  13 Litres  150 Litres  150x150mm Plate  15ml tubes  180x180mm Plate  1~10ul  2 Decimal Places  2.0ml  2.0ml tubes  200g to 6kg @ 0.01g  200ul  205RM  205RMC  20ul  20~200ul  210RM  218 Litres  220g to 310g @ 0.0001  250ml bottles  260x260mm Plate  2ml tubes  2~20ul  3 Decimal Places  30 Litres  328 Litres  388 Litres  4 Point  460x465mm Platform  5 Decimal Places  50 Litres  5000ul  500~5000ul  50ml tubes  5ml tubes  6 Litres  6 Place  6000 Rpm  62g @ 0.00001g  64 Place  6500 Rpm  6kg to 20kg @ 0.1g  750g to 1000g @ 0.001g  770x465mm Platform  8 Point  Adam Core Compact Portable Balance  Adam Highland Portable Precision Balances  Adam Nimbus Precision Balances  adaptors  Air Jacketted CO2 Incubator  ALUF-370  ALUF-370-SP  Amber Under Counter Refrigerators and Freezers  Ambient +10°C to +60°C  Analogue  Analogue Heater Circulator  Analogue Heating Mantles for Round Bottom Flasks and Beakers  Analogue Homogenizer  Analogue Hotplate  Analogue Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer  Analogue Hotplates  Analogue Magnetic Stirrer  Analytical Balance  Analytical Balances  and T-type Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger with Probe  and T-type Thermocouple Temperature Data Logger with Probe and LCD Screen  Andromeda Greenhouse LED Grow Lights  Andromeda LED Grow Light Trays for Climatron Cabinets  ARTG registered  B Class  Bench Top Autoclave  Bench Top Autoclaves  Benchtop Conductivity Meter  Benchtop Multi-Parameter Meter  Benchtop pH/Water Quality Analyzer  Benchtop pH/Water Quality Meter  BL-130  BL-30  BL1003D  BL1006D  BL1010D  BL1020D  BL603D  BL606D  BL610D  BL620D  Blood Storage Refrigerator  Blood Storage Refrigerators  Boiling Water Baths  Bottom Mount  BT Series  BT-150  BT-350  C Series  C1015  Capillary Tubes  Chemical Storage Refrigerator  Circulaire Non-Ducted Economy Laminar Flow Cabinet  Circulaire Non-Ducted Fume Cabinets  Circulaire Vertical Laminar Flow PCR Cabinets  Circulated Water Bath with Built in Circulator  Circulated Water Baths  Class ll Microbiological Safety Cabinet  Climatron  CLIMATRON-1100-DL  CLIMATRON-1100-DL-H  CLIMATRON-1100-SL  CLIMATRON-1100-SL-H  CLIMATRON-1260  CLIMATRON-2400  CLIMATRON-2900  CLIMATRON-2X450  CLIMATRON-5000  CLIMATRON-520-DL  CLIMATRON-520-DL-H  CLIMATRON-520-SL  CLIMATRON-520-SL-H  CLIMATRON-6000  Cold Plates  Compact Calcium Ion Meter  Compact Conductivity Meter  Compact Laminar Flow Cabinets  Compact Nitrate Meter  Compact pH Meter  Compact Potassium Ion Meter  Compact Salt Meter  Compact Sodium Ion Meter  contrast warmer  cooled  Core Compact Portable Balance  CT Series  Daihan Digital Circulated Water Bath  Dehydrating Ovens  Dehydrating Ovens for Volatile Materials  Diamond Star Upright Refrigerator and Freezer Cabinets  Digital  Digital Bench Top Orbital Shaker  Digital Bench Top Shaking Incubator with Universal Spring Tray  Digital Benchtop Orbital Shaker  Digital Heater Circulators  Digital Hotplate  Digital Hotplate Stirrer  Digital Laboratory Micro Incubator  Digital Magnetic Stirrer  Digital Programmable Furnaces  Digital Uncirculated Water Baths  Digital Warming Tray  DM602  DM603  DM604  DM605  DM606  DM607  DMB-1  DMB-2  DMB-3  DMB602  DMB603  DMB604  DMB605  DMB606  DMB607  DME 0142-40  DME 0252-150  DME 0402-180  DMS632  DMS633  DMS634  DMS635  DMS636  DMS637  DMSB632  DMSB633  DMSB634  DMSB635  DMSB636  DMSB637  Downflow Workstation  Dry Block Heaters  Drying Oven  Dual Channel Temperature Probe Data Logger with Graphic Screen  Dual Channel Thermocouple Data Logger with Graphic Screen  Ductless Fume Cabinet  Ductless Fume Cabinets with Visionaire Touch Screen  E-Count™ Colony Counter with Pen  E101  E102  E103  E104  E105  E106  E107  EB103  EB104  EB105  EB106  EB107  Economy  Economy Dehydrating Ovens  Economy Freezers  Economy Incubators  Economy Ovens  Economy Refrigerated Incubator  Economy Shaking Incubators  Economy Spark Proof Refrigerators  EL-USB-1  Environmental Temperature and Humidity Cabinets  Envirotherm  ES302  ES303  ES304  ES305  ES306  ES307  ESB302  ESB303  ESB304  ESB305  ESB306  ESB307  EX Range  EXCAL Environmental Test Chamber  Expanding Storage Box  Fixed Volume Single Channel pipettor  Floatation Bath  Four Program  Freeze Dryers  Froilabo Evolution -86°C Freezers  General Purpose  Glassware Drying Ovens  Gusto® High-Speed Mini Centrifuge  Handheld Conductivity Meter  Handheld Multi-Parameter Meter  Handheld pH Water Quality Meter  Handheld Programmer and Data Collector for EasyLog USB range  Heating Mantles for Round Bottom Flasks and Beakers  Heavy Duty Orbital Shakers  High Accuracy Temperature and Relative Humidity Data Logger with Graphic LCD Screen  High Accuracy USB K  High Flow Rate Dosing Peristaltic Pump  High Flow Rate Peristaltic Pump  High Speed  High Temperature Circulated Water Bath  High Temperature Ovens  High Torque  Highland Compact Portable Balance  homogeniser  HORIBA  Hotplate  HS-2321BD  HS-2321SD  HS-3041BD  HS-3041SD  Humidity & Dew Point Data Logger with LCD Screen  Immersion Cooler  Increased Accuracy  Industrial Dosing Peristaltic Pump  KMH-1000L  KMH-150L  KMH-225L  KMH-408L  KMH-800L  Labform  Lablyo  Labnet Excel Electronic Pipette  Labnet Excel™ Electronic Pipette  Laboratory Balances  Laboratory Equipment Refrigerated Incubator  Laboratory Refrigerators  Labtech  Labtech Range  Laminar Flow Cabinets with Visionaire Touch Screen  LAQUA  LAQUAact  LAQUAtwin  Large Capacity  Large Capacity Water Baths  LCD  LCD Backlit Display  LCD Screen  LDO-030N  LDO-080F  LDO-150F  LDO-250F  LEB-104D  LEB-106D  LEB-108D  LFT Range  LIB-030M  LIB-080M  LIB-150M  Lockable Security Drawer  Low Flow Rate Dosing Peristaltic Pump  Low Flow Rate Peristaltic Pump  Low Flow Rate Single Channel Syringe Pump  LVO-30  LVO-70  Macadamia Drying Oven  Magnetic Stirrer  Magnetic Stirrers  Max 1000g  Max 11000ml / Min  Max 1140ml / Min  Max 12000 Rpm  Max 120g  Max 15  Max 15000 Rpm  Max 1500g  Max 150g  Max 2000g  Max 2000g @ 0.01g  Max 200g  Max 200g @ 0.001g  Max 220g @ 0.0001g  Max 250g  Max 2600g  Max 3000 Rpm  Max 3000g  Max 3000ml / Min  Max 300g  Max 380ml / Min  Max 4000 Rpm  Max 480ml / Min  Max 5000g  Max 510g @ 0.001g  Max 6000 Rpm  Max 6000g @ 0.01g  Max 600g  Max 6600ml  Medium Flow Rate Dosing Peristaltic Pump  Medium Flow Rate Peristaltic Pump  Micro Centrifuge with Rotors  Micro Tubes  Micro Tubes and PCR Tube Strips  Micropipette  Microtitor Plates  Mobile Fume Cabinet  MSC Series  NEXTY  NEXTY Pipettor Carrousel Stand  Nimbus Compact Portable Balance  Non Refrigerated  Orbital Shakers  Overhead Stirrer with Stand and Shaft  Overhead Stirrers  PCR cabinet  PCR Range  PCR tube Strip  PCR tube strips  PCR Tubes  Pearl Star Upright Refrigerator and Freezer Cabinets  Pharmacy Vaccine Refrigerators  Phone Monitor  Plant Growth Cabinet CO2 Concentration Controller  Plant Growth Cabinets  Platelet Bag Shaker  Precision Balance  Precision Balances  Precision S.R2 series balances represent a new standard of precision balances.  Premium  Premium Blanket Warmers  Premium Fluid Warmers  Premium High Temperature Ovens  Premium Incubators  Premium Lab Freezers  Premium Ovens  Premium Plant Growth Chambers  Premium Refrigerated Incubator with Door Lighting  Premium Refrigerated Incubators  Premium Shaking Refrigerated Incubator  Premium Shaking Refrigerated Incubators  Pro Research Microtube Centrifuge  Pro-Analytical Medium Centrifuge  Pro-Analytical Microtube Centrifuge  Pro-Analytical Multi Purpose Centrifuge  Pro-Analytical Small Centrifuge  Pro-EDM Educational Centrifuge with Rotors  Pro-Research Advanced Ambient Centrifuge  Pro-Research Advanced Refrigerated Centrifuge  Pro-Research Basic Ambient Centrifuge  Pro-Research Basic Refrigerated Centrifuge  Pro-VetHE Veterinary Centrifuge  Q-PANEL Steel and Aluminum Test Substrates  Quartz Star Upright Refrigerator and Freezer Cabinets  Quartz Upright Refrigerator Cabinets  Rapid Temperature Change Environmental Chamber  Recirculating Coolers  reducers  Refrigerated  Refrigerated Circulated Water Bath  refrigerated incubator  Refrigerated Water Baths  Refrigerator and Freezer Combo  Roller Mixers  Ruby Upright Refrigerator and Freezer Cabinets  S Class  Safety Device  SCAL Thermal Shock Chamber  school centrifuge  Schuett Count Manual Colony Counter  Select Drying Ovens  Shaking Thaw Bath  Shaking Water Baths  Single Channel  Slide Hot Air Dryer  Small Cold Plate  sous vide  Spark Proof ATEX Rated Ductless Fume Cabinets  Spark Proof Freezers  Sprout® Mini-Centrifuge  Steam Sterilizer  Steam Sterilizers  Stepped Cold Plate  TBW-1100F-2-GD  TBW-150G-1-SD  TBW-250G-1-SD  TBW-350F-1-SD  TBW-520F-1-GD  TCH-150-SD  TCH-460-SD  TCU-1-TO  TCU-2-TH  TCU-3-TOR  TCU-4-THR  TD-150F  TD-150F-AS1681  TD-330F  TD-330F-AS1681  TD-36T-1-D  TD-48T-1-D  TD-500F  TD-500F-AS1681  TD-500FM  TD-78T-2-D  TDF-280  TDF-370  TDF-490  TDF-610  TDF-95  TEC-460  TEC-850  TEI-100G  TEI-13G  TEI-43G  TEI-70G  TELR-130-1-SD  TELR-145-1-GD  TELR-200-1-GD  TELR-240-1-SD  TELR-270-1-SD  TELR-440-1-GD  TELR-740-2-GD  Temperature and Humidity Cabinets  Temperature and Humidity Cement Shrinkage Testing Cabinet  Temperature and Humidity Room Conditioning Units  Temperature and Relative Humidity Data Logger with Graphic LCD Screen  Temperature Data Logger with Graphic LCD Screen  TEO-24G  TEO-66F  TEPR-145-1-GD  TEPR-200-1-GD  TEPR-440-1-GD  TEPR-740-2-GD  TEUF-181-20-1-SD  TEUF-90-20-1-SD  TF-130-SP  TF-181-SP  TF-240-SP  TF-90-SP  TFW-1100-2-GD  TFW-520-1-GD  TGA Approved  TGO-150W  TGO-240W  TGO-80W  Thermoline  Thermoline Safety Phone Dialler  TI-1100F  TI-150F  TI-150G  TI-250F  TI-250G  TI-350F  TI-500F  TI-520F  TLM-2-590  TLM-570  TLM-590  TLR-1150-3-GD  TLR-1150-3-SD  TLR-520-1-GD  TLR-520-1-SD  TLR-750-2-GD  TLR-750-2-SD  TLR-950-2-GD  TLR-950-2-SD  TLUF-520-2D  TLUF-520-2D-SP  TLWB-30  TLWB-80  TO-152F  TO-152G  TO-235F  TO-330F  TO-500F  TOH-152F  TOH-152G  Topaz Cake and Food Display Cabinet  Topaz Milk Cabinet  Topaz Star Upright Cabinet  Topaz Under Counter Cabinet  Touch Pad  Touch Screen  TPR-1150-3-GD  TPR-1150-3-SD  TPR-520-1-GD  TPR-520-1-SD  TPR-750-2-GD  TPR-750-2-SD  TPR-950-2-GD  TPR-950-2-SD  TPS-16  TPS-32  TR-130-SP  TR-240-SP  TR-270-SP  TRC-1500  TRC-3000  TRC-500  TRH-1250  TRH-150-GD  TRH-150-SD  TRH-2000  TRH-300-GD  TRH-300-SD  TRH-460-GD  TRH-460-SD  TRH-850-GD  TRH-850-SD  TRHL-460  TRHL-850  TRHSL-460  TRHSL-850  TRI-1100-2-GD  TRI-1100-2-SD  TRI-200-1-GD  TRI-200-1-SD  TRI-520-1-GD  TRI-520-1-SD  TS-400  TS-480  TS-600  TS-610  TS-620  TSO-150W  TSO-240W  TSO-80W  TU-1  TU-2  TU-3  TU-4  TU-400  TU-454  TU-480  TU-5  TU-6  tube reducers  TUF-520-20-1-GD  TUF-520-20-1-SD  TUF-750-20-2-GD  TUF-750-20-2-SD  TUF-950-20-2-GD  TUF-950-20-2-SD  TUMSP  TWB-12D  TWB-24D  TWB-48D  TWBC-12  TWBC-24  TWBC-48  Twin Stack Grow Cabinet  UBC Lowline Refrigerator Cabinet with Drawers  Ultra Low Chest Freezer  Ultra Low Freezers  Ultra Low Upright Freezer  Ultra Low Upright Freezers to -86°C  Ultrasonic Bath with Basket  Ultrasonic Water Baths  Under Bench Ultra Low Freezer  Upright  USB 21CFR-Compatible Temperature  USB K  USB Temperature & Humidity Data Logger  USB Temperature and Humidity Data Logger  USB Temperature Data Logger  vacuette tubes  vacutainer tubes  Vacuum Ovens  Variable Volume 8 Channel pipettor  Variable Volume Single Channel pipettor  Visionaire Touch Screen  VLF Series  vortex mixer  Vortex Mixers  Vortexer  W Series  WiFi Temperature Data Logging Sensor  WiFi Temperature Probe Data Logging Sensor  with ED Carbon Filter  With Lights  Work2Store® Expanding Storage Rack  Work2Store® Micro  


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