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News - Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP)

Clinical PRP Centrifuges For Effective Platelet Rich Plasma Separation

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Thermoline's Pro-Clinical PRP Centrifuge Range is used by leading specialists applying Platelet Rich Plasma procedures. Popular fields of use include facial rejuvenation surgery, facial and plastic surgery, sports injuries and veterinary applications. Our range includes two main machines, however other larger capacity machines with adaptors to fit any specific tube shape or size are available.

PRP Preparation

Platelets are cells in our body that contain nutrients and growth factors, which stimulate normal wound healing process the same way that your skin heals after a scrape. To prepare PRP, a small amount of blood is taken from the patient. Once the blood is drawn it is then placed into a PRP centrifuge which spins the blood at high speeds in order to separate the blood into red blood cells and concentrated platelets. Once the blood is separated, the red blood cells are discarded and we are left with concentrated PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) which is ready to be used in the treatment process.

Benefits of Thermoline's PRP Centrifuges

All Thermoline Pro-PRP models are flexible and can be supplied with various rotors and adaptors to suit 5ml, 8ml and 10ml blood tubes or 15ml and 50ml conical centrifuge tubes. Our centrifuges are made from the finest components which ensure many years of reliable use. Our PRP centrifuges feature the latest in safety technology to ensure maximum protection of persons and samples whilst in use.

Key PRP Centrifuge Models

C2004 with Swing out Rotor

Benchtop centrifuge with swing out rotor BRK1000 (4 x 100ml)

Also requires 4x buckets B5010 and adaptors to suit your size blood tubes.

CR2000 with Swing Out Rotor or Fixed Angle Rotor

Benchtop expandable centrifuge with swing out rotor BRK1000 (4 x 100ml)

Also requires 4x buckets B5010 and adaptors to suit your size blood tubes.


  • Bright green LED display
  • 10 acceleration rates
  • 10 deceleration rates
  • 99 memory programmes
  • Timer 0-99mins 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 hours & constant
  • Program in speed or Rcf (G)
  • Short run (pulse button)


  • Full lid lock protection
  • Out of balance system
  • Full steel barrier ring for protection
  • Alloy, steel and composite construction for strength
  • European brushless motor
  • European inverter

View our complete range:  https://www.thermoline.com.au/pro-clinical-prp-cen...

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Note: Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRF), and Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP) are common samples needed for diagnostic testing.


Thermoline Scientific have been manufacturing high quality laboratory and scientific testing equipment since 1970. Over this time, Thermoline has grown to be a leading brand in the science industry with our equipment being used in small and large Hospitals, Universities and Research Laboratories across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Thermoline also have a range of custom Australian Made products.

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