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Q-Lab: Weathering Science and Testing Essential Webinars

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Sunlight, heat and moisture can cause serious product deterioration – such as colour change, fading, cracking, peeling, oxidation, corrosion, or loss of strength. Damage occurs both outdoors and indoors, and its severity can vary greatly in different climates. Even materials that are resistant to sunlight alone, or to moisture alone, often fail when exposed to sunlight and moisture in combination.

Do you know how well your products will last in every location where they are used?

These webinars provide you with a practical, non-technical overview of weathering science and testing and help you learn when to use outdoor or laboratory exposures to answer your light stability and weathering questions. The webinars compare the strengths and limitations of xenon arc testers (Q-Sun) and fluorescent UV (QUV) testers as well as Corrosion (Q-Fog), the three most commonly used lab weathering technologies. Your Q-Lab presenter will describe various weathering options and help you understand what types of testing are right for your specific applications.

See below for a few of the most popular webinars presented by Q-Lab.

  • Outdoor Weathering Webinar - November 2019

> Download the PDF:  http://www.thermoline.com.au/content/Outdoor_Weath...

  • Selecting a Weathering Testing Program – May 2018

> Download the PDF:  http://www.thermoline.com.au/content/Selecting_a_W...

  • Q-Lab: Essentials of Lab Weathering Webinar – March 2018

> Download the PDF:  http://www.thermoline.com.au/content/The_Essential...

  • Q-Lab: Modern Corrosion – April 2018

> Download the PDF:  http://www.thermoline.com.au/content/Modern_Corros...


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