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New: Thermoline's -30°C Auto Defrost Laboratory Freezers

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Thermoline has upgraded its range of Premium Auto Defrost freezers to be able to run at -30°C. 

This is addition to the 370 litre manual defrost freezer (ALUF-370-SP) that can already run at -30°C. Why would we do this? It has come about through the range of improvements done during the development of our new Plasma Storage Freezer (Coming Soon) and requests from customers in the past for an auto defrost freezer that doesn’t increase to over -20°C during a defrost cycle. Recent testing with a temperature probe measuring air has indicated a maximum temperature reached during the defrost cycle of -22°C and often lower than this. 

The new updated freezers come in single door 360, 520 and double door 750 and 950 litres. All models at -30°C are only supplied with solid doors. All Thermoline Premium Laboratory Freezers are Australian Made.

New Models

  • TUF-360-30-1-SD
  • TUF-520-30-1-SD
  • TUF-750-30-2-SD
  • TUF-950-30-2-SD

Specialty models are also available with different control systems, internal logging and alarm systems. Additional shelves and chart recorders are available for all models.

View our full range:  https://www.thermoline.com.au/freezers/

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Thermoline Scientific have been manufacturing high quality laboratory and scientific testing equipment since 1970. Over this time, Thermoline has grown to be a leading brand in the science industry with our equipment being used in small and large Hospitals, Universities and Research Laboratories across Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Thermoline also have a range of custom Australian Made products.

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