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Froilabo Evolution -86°C Ultra Low Freezers

Product Description

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Technical Specifications


Froilabo equipment makes the difference with their new high performance Ultra Low Freezer range.

Intelligent touchscreen
Proximity sensor will only active the screen when a user is present to conserve power.

Visual and audible alarms
A variety of alarms indicates various warnings, regarding door opening, power suply, pressure defaults, filter blocage and many other concerns. Alarms events are recorded and can be customised.

Ergonomic intelligent handle
The ergonomically designed handle aligns the user force with the required action of unlocking or opening/closing the door. A sensor in the handle confirms door closure/locking and a barcode reader allows samples to be easily identified for storage.

BoSS system
Froilabo’s Board Substitution System (BoSS) ensures the compressors remain operational in the case of losing the 24V regulation power supply.

European Made
Built to the highest European standards for maximum user efficiency and reliability.


  • Vacuum Insulation Panels: 30% increase internal capacity, 22% more thermally efficient 
  • 4 hrs. pull temperature down from room temperature to -80°C. 
  • Excellent temperature Stability: +/-1°C at 80°C
  • Excellent temperature homogeneity: +/-3°C at -80°C
  • Quick temperature recovery after door open & close
  • Consumption optimization by Eco mode setting 
  • Ergonomic "intelligent" handle 
  • Sample storage “inventory” software system (optional)
  • Pull-out shelving (optional)
  • Anti-icing gasket 
  • Pressure balance valve 
  • Cable entry port
  • 515L and 690L models require 15 amp GPO


  • Excellent homogeneity < +/-3°C to -80°C
  • Exceptional stability +/-1°C to -80°C
  • Fast cooling: from 22°C to -81°C in 4h (690L)
  • Fast set temperature recovery after door opening
  • Sustain ambient temperature (environment) up to 35°C

Cryo Boxes for Ultra Low Freezers

Thermoline has a range of cryo freezer boxes available for use with all Ultra Low Freezers. True North® cryo freezer boxes are designed with sustainability in mind and are made from a specially formulated corrugated or thin film polypropylene. True North® freezer boxes are moisture resistant, which significantly reduces the chance of mold growth.



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