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Digital Programmable Furnaces, 1150°C Max

Product Description

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These digital muffle furnaces have a maximum working temperature of 1150°C and are ideal for ashing organic and inorganic samples, heat treating metals, ignition testing and determination of volatiles.

The range features two new counter balanced slide up safety door models which leave the hot door surface facing away from the user.The inside of the furnace is constructed from a moulded ceramic fibre insulation with an air jacketed dual stainless steel case providing a compact working condition while keeping the outside of the unit cool even at high temperatures. Embedded heating elements installed in all sides provide a uniform heating level within the chamber. A high temperature plate is supplied to ensure the items stored within the chamber are not in contact with the elements.

For added safety, these furnaces have a safety thermostat fitted to stop the furnace over heating should the controller fail. A safety switch automatically turns the furnace off when the front door be opened.


  • Ideal for melting, heat treating and ashing organic and inorganic samples
  • Moulded ceramic fibre inside insulation
  • Supplied with high temperature plate to protect elements on the base
  • Fitted with a safety thermostat
  • Power cut off to elements when the front door is opened
  • Programmable controller for simple ramp up and ramp down programs




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