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Cytotoxic Drug Safety Cabinets

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Cytotoxic drug safety cabinets are defined in Australian Standard AS2252.5 as the primary barrier against exposure to aerosols that are produced in the preparation, manipulation and dispensing of cytotoxic drugs. Many of these drugs are known to be mutagens and are suspected of being carcinogens and teratogens.

The requirements for protection involve the following:

› Protection of cabinet users and other staff from exposure to aerosols or vapours which may be generated in the preparation, manipulation, and dispensing of cytotoxic drugs;

› Protection of drug products, so that they may be prepared in an environment which is essentially free from particulate and biological contamination;

› Protection of cabinet maintenance personnel from the residue of drug particles which can contaminate filters, fans and other mechanical components.

CG2010 CytogardTM drug safety cabinets are designed and manufactured in Australia in three nominal widths – a 900mm, 1200mm and 1800mm – and fully comply with all requirements of Australian Standard AS2252.5. Each cabinet is factory-certified by a NATA Accredited laboratory to meet the specified performance requirements.



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