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Corrosive Substance Storage Cabinet, Polyethylene, 100 Litres

Product Description

The CP1000 is a high density polyurethane safety cabinet purpose built for safely storing Class 8 corrosive substances (100 litre capacity). Now you can isolate your corrosives in a completely metal-free storage cabinet that has been tested for chemical resistance by the CSIRO.

Features of the CP1000 include: fully lockable doors that close automatically; adjustable shelving; dual compartments that allow acids and bases to be safely stored in the one cabinet; 100% metal-free. The unit arrives complete with essential signage and warning placards.

Internal Dimensions: H 585 W 460 D 430
External Dimensions: H 800 W 985 D 470
Weight: 67.0 kg
Shelves: 4
Sump Cap: 30L



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