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SCAL Thermal Shock Chamber

Product Description

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Volumes from 230 litres to over 500 litres.
Temperatures from -90°C to +180°C (+220°C as an option).

Thermal shocks SCAL CTK were developed, in most cases, for high capacity laboatory tests.

By alternatively moving a product from a cold cabinet to a hot cabinet, Thermal Shock environmental chambers enable the temperature to vary very quickly on this product in order to reveal its possible defects or to determine its life lenght.

CTk models are mainly designed for heavy loads or cumbersome samples and, thanks to their low use of ground space, they are particularly advisable in production line.

The CTk range allows combining thermal shock tests with rapid temerature cycling tests in the transfer basket (ESS).

Spirale 3 Cntroller
Spirale 3 allows you to control all your equipment. As standard supply you have:
– an extra wide touch screen (15”),
– 3 use levels (production, standard and laboratory)
– a monitoring alarm in Shock or ESS mode guaranteeing that your tests can be reproduced.
– programmable pre-treatment/post-treatment on Spirale 3 in order to condition the temperature, or even dry your samples at the start and/or end of the cycle.
– an automatic defrosting function

Product Videos

CLIMATS choc thermique vertical 2 cuves_ transfert nacelle 120 CTr (00:50)
Choc thermique vertical 2 cuves fabriqué par la société Climats.
  • CLIMATS choc t...
    Choc thermique vertical 2 cuves fabriqué par la société Climats.


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