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Product Promo: Environmental Chambers from KOMEG

Thermoline is proud to have available a budget friendly, high quality range of environmental testing chambers available in 5 sizes from 150L up to 1000L. KOMEG Technology has been manufacturing environmental test equipment since 1990 and specialises in climatic test chambers, thermal shock test chambers, walk-in chambers and medical laboratory equipment. Product Key Features: Five sizes available starting [...]

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Product Promo: Thermoline's Expanded Data Logger Range

Thermoline's range of EasyLog data loggers are a cost effective and easy-to-use method of recording temperature and humidity data ranges on your Thermoline products. Manufactured by Lascar, the EL-USB loggers are the world's first direct USB data loggers with several models also featuring WiFi connectivity. All loggers are compact and light weight so they can [...]

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Product Focus: Pharmacy Vaccine Refrigerators

Australian developed refrigerators for the safe storage of vaccines Thermoline has specially developed pharmacy and vaccine refrigerators, suitable for retail pharmacies, medical centres, universities and veterinary hospitals where pharmacy and/or vaccine products are required to be stored safely. The complete range includes four economy models from 145 to 740 litres in capacity, and four premium models [...]

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Incubator, Oven or Dehydrator? A guide to selecting the right product for you

It can sometimes be confusing knowing whether to purchase an incubator, an oven or a dehydrator for your application or use. While they may look similar and operate in a similar fashion, incubators and ovens have vastly different purposes and choosing the wrong product could mean you end up with something you won’t be able [...]

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Product Promo: Laboratory Centrifuges

For the past 5 years we have had a wonderful range of centrifuges manufactured in the UK to the world’s highest standards. Now we are pleased to announce we at Thermoline will have our own brand of centrifuges to cover all industries including education, hospital, veterinary, research and food technology. The new brand is being [...]

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Laboratory Hotplates: Simmerstat or Thermostat?

Why am I having trouble boiling water on a hotplate? Some of the Hot Plates in our catalogue are available with either ‘Simmerstat’ or ‘Thermostat’ temperature control. It is sometimes confusing as to which style should be chosen. This information is to try to explain the difference and to help you make the correct choice. Information on [...]

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Made in-house: Micro Incubator

One of the most popular products Thermoline makes in-house today is the digital economy micro incubator. Its compact 13 litre capacity heating chamber makes it ideal for laboratories where little space is available. Being small and light weight also makes the incubator economic and popular for start-up labs. The Thermoline micro incubator is an ideal [...]

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