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EXCAL Environmental Test Chamber

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Climats’s entire expertise in 8 EXCAL standard test volumes.

Climats has been a specialist in environmental tests for almost 40 years, and designs and manufactures chambers that can simulate extreme and reproducible environments.
Present in sectors as diverse as automotive, aeronautics, space, defence and telecommunications, Climats helps guarantee the best level of performance, reliability and safety for your products.
Our “Research and Development” department, focusing entirely on quality and innovation, works towards improving the efficiency, adaptability and ergonomics of the EXCAL range. Our environmental test chambers are continuously changing to meet the latest testing standards.

High end technology
Spirale 3 is the reference software solution for controlling over 4,000 environmental test chambers and test benches worldwide. It was developed by Climats’s engineers for simple and efficient management of your machine.

Spirale 3 is a reliable and accurate system, a complete software package, adapted to testing equipment and maintenance user requirements. Spirale 3 is also a completely open system that can be used for developing automatic functions and integrating data and additional data acquisition systems, to make your EXCAL a fully integrated test bench.

Even more reliable
A new regulation system has been developed, incorporating feedback from our customers and our research on ecological advances. So, the Energy Saving mode helps to significantly reduce the load on the various components involved in refrigeration (solenoid valves, compressors and fans). Spirale 3 autonomously and optimally manages the production of cold and heat.

Homogeneity: +/- 0.5 °C to +/- 1.8 °C
Temperature regulation stability: +/- 0.1 °C to +/- 0.3 °C
Humidity regulation stability: +/- 1% to +/- 3%
Temperature range: -40 °C +180 °C/-90 °C +180 °C
Optional: Extension +200 °C and up to -100 °C
Transition speed: From 2 °C to 20 °C/min
18 refrigerating configurations Humidity range: Stable and reproducible between 10% and 98%
Optional: Direct measurement/Saturation/Dry rate Heat compensation: From 1000 W to over 10 kW




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